Eeshwar (1989) -DVD

 Eeshwar (1989) -DVD
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Eeshwar (1989) - DVD

Actor/Actress :Anil Kapoor, Vijaya Shanti, Vinod Mehra

Director K Viswanath

Genre Film, Drama

Music : Laxmikant Pyaraelal

Filmfare Award: Best Story

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Ishwar is a simple-minded and honest young man, devout and religious, he cares for everybody he comes in contact with. But alas nobody really likes him and think him as mentally retarded. Living an unconventional life, he takes pity on a widow named Lalita, with a young son, and marries her, much to the shock of the community. Ishwar now has a monumental task, to look after his new bride, and ensure his step-son gets the required education and skills to fend for himself. Will the community let Ishwar succeed?