Do Badan - DVD

Do Badan - DVD
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Starring/Cast: Manoj Kumar, Asha Parikh, Simmi, Pran

Director: Manmohan Desai

Subtitles : English

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Synopsis: Asha hailing from an illustruos family comes to Delhi. Here she becomes friendly with Vikas & they fall in love. During their exams Vikas receives a telegram about his father. He leaves to see his father but unfortunately his father dies. His elder brothers wife conspires to take whatever little share which was rightly his. Disgusted he goes for a job. On the other hand Ashas father is looking for a suitable match. Vikas meets Asha & Asha tries to get job for Vikas in his fathers office. Meanwhile Ashas father announces his daughters enagegment to Ashwini. Will Asha marry him, watch Do Badan