Raaz 3-Indian Hindi Movie DVD 3D

Raaz 3-Indian Hindi Movie DVD 3D
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Director: Vikram bhatt First movie In 3D

Producer: Mahesh and Mukesh bhatt

Music:Jeet Ganguly ,Mithoon, Rashid

Actor/ Actress: Bipasha Basu Emraan Hashmi Esha Gupta

Subtitle: English

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Synopsis :

The story starts with Shanaya(Bipasha Basu)a once successful actress now on the decline of her

career, laughing hysterically while looking herself in a mirror. She then smashes the mirror and kills herself with its broken piece. The film then goes in the flashback, Shanaya Kejal an actress filming for her film. She constantly gets appreciated by her fellow mates, especially by the director, her boyfriend Aditya(Emraan Hashmi). She gets nominated her wins all the filmfare awards. Shanaya is madly in love with Aditya and urges him to marry her as soon as possible. Aditya, still a struggling director, says that once his film becomes a hit he will marry her. Everything goes smoothly until Sanjana Dhanraj(Esha Gupta), a struggling actress comes into picture. Sanjana is much younger than Shanaya and pleads for the directors to offer her even an extra in a film but everyone refuses. As she's on the verge of losing all hope Aditya sees her and is immediately smitten. He offers her the lead role in his film and the film becomes a huge hit. She gets numerous appreciations by the audience and becomes noticeable. Sanjana keeps getting offers for the films and everyone seems to beforgetting Shanaya. In place of Shanaya, Sanjana comes into spotlight and wins all the award she is nominated for. Shanaya begins to envy Sanjana and decides to quit acting and marry Aditya. Aditya is on the horns of dilemma about Sanjana and Shanaya but chooses Sanjana. Shanaya, heartbroken and depressesd, leaves Aditya. Shanaya is unable to think about Sanjana and finally drives towards Aditya and creates a racous which causes him to slap her. Shanaya, even more depressed slowly becomes mad. She seeks help of her uncle Agoo dada(Zeeshan Khalid) a tantrik who helps her to practice black magic and calls upon ghost of Tara. She asks her to make Sanjana's life a living hell. The ghost agrees her and begins to taunt and torture Sanjana more and more until she becomes suicidal. Aditya, unable to see her like this goes to a tantrik who helps him find a way to get rid of the ghost. As soon as the ghost approaches to kill Sanjana, Aditya comes with a locket and taunts the ghost about her past life. The ghost unable to bear the torture vanishes and takes revenge on Shanaya by posessing her. The film then comes to the present and Shanaya does the same what she did in the beginning.