Yaaron Ka Yaar - DVD(1977)

Yaaron Ka Yaar - DVD(1977)
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Yaaron Ka Yaar - DVD(1977)

Starring/Cast: Shatrughan Sinha, Premnath, Nana Palsikar, Tiwari, Maruti, Asit Sen, Leena C, Helen

Director A.Bhim Singh

Brand/Distributor Shemaroo.

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles : English

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When Nathu, the untouchable is caught drawing water from a tank reserved for high caste Hindus, Jaimal Singh, the zamindar has him hounded out of the village like a mad dog. He also chases Nathuís wife and daughter out of the estate. In retaliation, Nathu kidnaps Jaimalís son, Pratap, and brings him up as Shera, a thief. He has Shera rob from his very own house. Years later, Jaimal stripped of his zamindari lives only in the hope of taking revenge on Nathu. Years later in a bitter twist of irony, his daughter Shakuntala, abandoned by her husband is saved and looked after by Nathu, while Nathuís wife and daughter are given shelter by Shera. When fate brings all of them together again, Jaimal and Nathu realize the futility of hatred and the passion for revenge.