Yeh Nazdikian - DVD(1982)

Yeh Nazdikian - DVD(1982)
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Yeh Nazdikian - DVD(1982)

Starring/Cast: Marc Zuber, Shabana Azmi,Parveena Babi

Director Vinod Pande

Brand/Distributor Shemaroo.

Genre Film, Love Story

Subtitles : English

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Sunil Verma is the head of an advertising agency, and lives with a middle-class life with his wife, Shobna. Although Sunil gets to meet many beautiful women during the course of his employment, he has never really had an affair with anyone, and kept his relationship on a professional level. That is until he meets ravishing Kiran. Sunil has an affair with Kiran, and eventually divorces Shobna. It is said that the lives of models and actresses are quite shallow and superficial, but Sunil feels that with Kiran it is different. But when one is exposed to attractive people, both male and female, will Kiran feel the same about him after a few months' relationship?