Yeh Rastey Hai Pyar Ke (Sunil Dutt) - DVD(1963)

Yeh Rastey Hai Pyar Ke (Sunil Dutt) -  DVD(1963)
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Yeh Rastey Hai Pyar Ke (Sunil Dutt) DVD

Starring/Cast: Sunil Dutt, Ashok Kumar, Leela Naidu, Shashikala

Director R K Nayyar

Subtitles : English

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Its a mystery. Sunil Dutt gives a good performance all in all as a husband,whose wife is having an extra-marital affair,.Ashok Kumar gives a good performance as a supporting actor in the role of a lawyer defending Sunil Dutt.The leading lady's performance is also good.Besides the fact that it is based on a true story,it is also said to be the first movie in which a woman was openly shown doing adultery.