Zindagi Rocks - DVD(2006)

Zindagi Rocks - DVD(2006)
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Zindagi Rocks - DVD

Starring/Cast: Sushmita Sen, Shiny Ahuja, Moushumi Chatterjee, Kim Sharma, Seema Biswas, Ravi Gosain

Director Tanuja Chandra

Brand/Distributor EROS

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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The film highlights the love story between Dr. Suraj Rihan, (Shiney Ahuja) the shy, cynical workaholic and Kria (Sushmita Sen), a magnificent woman, and a singer.

It is a modern story which has its foundation in that oldest of all things - the human heart. The urban drama revolves around the lives of two individuals; very different from each other (Kria and Suraj) and their equally different families that come together when these two fall in love. The film tells a funny yet sad, and deeply emotional and shocking tale of love and sacrifice. A unique love story, a riveting account of passion and a touching treatise of human generosity! Also featuring in the film are Kim Sharma, Moushimi Chatterjee, Ravi Gosain and child artist Julian. While Kim Sharma (Joy) plays the role of a manager and friend of Sushmita, Moushimi will be seen in a double role i.e. Sushmita's mother as well as Mausi.