Zindagi Ek Jua- DVD(1992)

Zindagi Ek Jua- DVD(1992)
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Zindagi Ek Jua- DVD(1992)

Starring/Cast: Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Madhuri Dixit

Director : Prakash Mehra

Brand/Distributor BEI/DEI

Genre Film, Action, Drama

Subtitles English

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After saving the life of his employer, Jagjit Singh alias JJ (Anupam Kher), Harikishan (Anil Kapoor) is promoted with a wage increase that he had only dreamt of. Anxious to please his employer Harikishan agrees to have his name changed to Harry, and does anything that he is instructed to do. Soon Harry realises that he has been aiding his employer in illegal activities. When he tries to break away, he is told that his mom (Asha Sharma) is and will be held captive to guarantee his cooperation. Harry must now come up with a scheme that will guarantee his safety as well as the freedom of his mom, and at the same time save himself from being arrested by the police.