Zindagi Zindagi - DVD MOVIE

 Zindagi Zindagi  - DVD MOVIE
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Zindagi Zindagi -DVD

Starring/Cast: Starring Sunil Dutt,Ashok Kumar,Jalal Agha,Anwar Husain,Deb Mukherjee, Waheeda Rehman,Farida Jalal

Director Tapan Sinha

Music S D Burman

Producer Nariman Irani, A P Sharma

Rel Year 1972

Print Color

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Asha Nagar, an ideal village, miles away from the city. A village, where the Panchayat President had built a small hospital, manages by Dr. Sunil, a doctor who cured his patients more with his words and affection, that with medicines. One day a woman, Meeta walked into the village with her crippled son. Sunil knew Meeta. She was a co student of his in the medical college, and they had loved each other. And here she was now, poor, a widow and with a crippled son to care for. Now Sunil is in turmoil.........