Zehreela Insaan - DVD

Zehreela Insaan - DVD
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Zehreela Insaan - DVD

Starring/Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Nitu Singh, Moushumi Chaterji, Pran, Nirupa Roy

Director S R Puttana Kanagal

Brand/Distributor Samrat

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles English

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Arjun was like the King Cobra, deadly when someone stepped upon him and aroused him. Once he saved a girl Aarti from Ramu a bad character. This incident brought him close to Aarti and as their association deepened with Time. Their love was interrupted when Aarti’s parents fixed her marriage with another young man. Aarti’s father requested Arjun’s teacher Sharmaji to intervene to save the family’s prestige. Arjun and his teacher were bound by a great bond of affection. Arjun loved his ‘masterji’ and could never disobey him. On the day of Aarti’s wedding, Arjun told the thunderstruck girl, “marry the man your parents have selected for you.” Aarti’s memory kept haunting Arjun, till another love brought a measure of peace to his tormented heart. Once again Arjun fell in love this time with his College mate Margaret. By now Arjun had left his studies and started working in a provision store. His job took him one day to the city of Bangalore and there Fate confronted him with a shattering discovery. She was Aarti as a prostitute staying in a posh hotel there. He felt thousand snakes bite him at once. Now the love of Margaret was the only soothing thing in his life and he determined that he would never forsake her. But once again, his teacher, the only man who knew how to tame this human King Cobra, came to intervene. The strong teacher and the rebellious young man confronted each other. Would fate once again separate Arjun from Margaret, as it had once separated him from Aarti?