Pyar Hi Pyar - DVD

Pyar Hi Pyar - DVD
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Pyar Hi Pyar (1969)-DVD

Starring/Cast: Dharmendra,Vayjayantimala, Pran, Mehmood, Dhuma

Director: Bhappi Sonie

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In order to win the heart of the beautiful Kavita, Vijay Pratap decides to masquerades as a wealthy industrialist and does succeed in winning Kavita's heart but Kavita has another charming admirer, Satish Raj, whose way-ward behavior cannot be understand by Kavita. But when he finds out about Kavita and Vijay's love he trys to create misunderstandings between the two, and does succeed in doing so and the couple split. He also gets to know the truth about Vijay and will choose all out effort to expose him.