Yalgaar - DVD

Yalgaar  - DVD
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Starring/Cast: Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Dutt, Feroz Khan, Nagma, Mukesh Khanna

Director Feroz Khan

Brand/Distributor B4U/EROS

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles : English

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Singhal and Mohendra Ashwini Kumar are childhood friends. They choose different lines in their life. Mahendra Ashwini Kumar joins Police Force while Singhal becomes an underworld don. Singhal has Vishal his eldest son from his first wife and after her death he maries Bharti. They have Vicky as their second son. Mahendra Aswini Kumar has two sons Rajesh and Suresh, both of whom are in Police Department. Suresh get killed by an under trial prisoner Jaichand while on duty. Suresh leaves behind his widow wife and daughter Meghna. Vicky is not told about nefarious activities of Mr. Singhal and after his Mechanical degree from America he runs a small garage. Rajesh vows to revenge the murder of his brother and suspects Singhal’s hand in this and does not concrete proof against him. Vishal loves his father a lot but Singhal has more affection towards Vicky. Vishal is married and he is lending his support in running the reign of Singhal in the Under World. Singhal gets the news that Mr. Mahendra is being prompted as Police Commissioner and tries his best to withhold his promotion but ultimately Mahendra becomes Police Commissioner. Mahendra comes to know the “havala” racket of Singhal and arrests him red-handed. This infuriates Vishal to the extent that he engages the services of a hired killer to do away to Mahendra Ashwini Kumar. The killer succeeds in his mission. On learning the murder of Mahendra, Singhal flees India along with his entire family and also kidnaps Meghna. Rajesh leaves for Dubai. There is shoot-out. Rajesh shoots dead Vishal and Singhal puts behind the bar. But, Rajesh accepts Vicky as Meghna’s husband.