Izzat - DVD /Dharmendra

Izzat  - DVD /Dharmendra
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Starring/Cast:Dharmendra, Mehmood, Balraj Sahni, Tiwari, Mukri

Director: T. Prakash Rao Music:

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Synopsis :

Shekhar (Dharmendra) is an idealistic young student, who believes that all problems can be solved through peace and dialogue. He returns to his village only to find his mother dead. She was an Adivasi woman. It is then that Shekhar learns that he is actually the illegitimate son of the Thakur (Balraj Sahni). Shocked he vows revenge on the Thakur and his family. He sets out to the Thakurs house and, wonder of wonders, he is mistaken for the Chote Thakur (son of the Thakur). Shekhar then learns that the thakur has a son, Dilip (Dharmendra in a double role), who looks exactly like him. Will Shekhar succeed in avenging his mothers dishonour?