Professor Pyarelal - DVD

Professor Pyarelal - DVD
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Professor Pyarelal - DVD

Actor/Actress :Dharmendra, Vinod Mehra, Zeenat Aman, Yogita Bali, Shiram Lagoo, Amzad Khan, Jeevan, Nirupa Roy, Simi

Director : Brij

Subtitle English

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Synopsis: Kishinchand has taken to a life of crime, namely that of forging passports, and for that is under surveillance by the police. Upon his wife, Shanti's, and son, Pyarelal's insistence, he decides to give up all criminal activity and become honest. Then Shyamlal approaches him to make a fake passport, which he does, for a suitcase full of gold bars. Shyamlal escapes, but Inspector Shinde confronts Kishinchand and in the scuffle that follows, Shinde gets killed. Kishinchand re-locates to London, England, where he is now known as underworld Don, King. He has given up on his wife and son and believes they had been burned alive in a fire during Diwali. Now years later, a young man approaches and informs him that he is Pyarelal, and that Shanti is still alive in India. Kishinchand is overjoyed, and invites his wife to come to London right away, only to find out that the man claiming to be his son...