Paap Ki Duniya (1988) - DVD

 Paap Ki Duniya (1988) - DVD
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Paap Ki Duniya (1988)- DVD

Actor/Actress : Sunny Deol, Neelam Kothari, Chunky Pandey, Pran, Rubina, Shakti Kapoor

Director Pahlaj Nihalani

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Synopsis: When a jailer hears that his sister is in love with a guy he is quite delighted to meet this guy only to find out that this guy is none other than a criminal called Pasha. Worst off the girl is married to Pasha and is pregnant with his child. The jailer is death-set against this and orders his sister to leave his house at once which she does; a few days later she returns with a new born baby boy which she hands over to jailer after passing away and then Pasha abducts the jailer son Ashok and brings him up in a crime world teaching him each and every trick of there universe. Years later Ashok is now known as Suraj a professional thief while Pasha's son grows up with the jailer to be police inspector Vijay. When the law nabs Suraj he is imprisoned and shortly after he is released he continue his trade mark with Pasha; Suraj meets and fall in love with Aarti who convinces him to give up crime which he does...