Indian - DVD(Sunny Deol)

Indian - DVD(Sunny Deol)
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Indian - DVD

Actor/Actress : Sunny Deol, Shilpa Shetty, Danny Denzongpa, Raj Babbar

Director Anand Raj

Producer: Dharmendra

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Synopsis :

Raj Shekhar Azad (Sunny Deol), a police inspector, is given the charge of arresting the dangerous terrorist Wasim Khan (Mukesh Rishi). Azad successfully completes his job and locks Wasim Khan in a specially built prison where no one else can reach him. But Wasim mocks him and challenges that he could do anything, anytime even under custody. Azad, with the help of Rahim (Sanjay Narvekar) and 3 other youngsters discovers Wasim's plans and destroys them. Azad understands that without the help of some anti-national elements, it would not have been possible for Wasim to carry out his destructive plans and feels the need to remove the betrayers first. Azad sets up a trap and identifies Shankar Synthalia (Danny Denzongpa), a business tycoon, who wants to take out Wasim Khan at any cost. Shilpa Shetty as Sunny's wife adds flavour to the romantic scenes. At a very crucial situation, she demands a divorce from Sunny, causing a strong dramatic value to the emotional stream of the story-line. In the tense, crucial, final moments of the film, Azad struggles hard to save the city from a big bomb blast which Shankar Synthalia uses as a threat to release Wasim Khan

Genre Film, Action

Subtitles English