Waqt (Sunil Dutt) - DVD(1965)

Waqt (Sunil Dutt)  - DVD(1965)
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Waqt (Sunil Dutt) - DVD(1965)

Starring/Cast: Sunil Dutt, Rajkumar, Shashi Kapoor

Director - Yash chopra

Brand/Distributor Yashraj

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles : English

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When he said that man could be the architect of his own destiny and could if he wanted, write the life story of his children, Kedarnath did not know that Time was snatching him with tongue in his cheek. for only the next moment the great world of Lala Kedarnath & sons was humbled to dust. A beautiful devoted wife, three lovely sons and all the wealth in the world, completed the happy picture of Lala Kedarnath home. Except for the arrogance in the mathematics of his life, which gave him the logic of self-achievement,Lala Kedarnath was a lovable and lively person. His optimism did not seem to see beyond the pattern of his own success and failed to recognize that even beyond human endeavor there is something indescribable the invisible hand of Time which continues to write ceaselessly and blindly the story of life. Lala Kedarnath had faith in Man and believed that he alone is in the sole arbiter of his Fate. Perhaps time wanted to teach a lesson to this man and manifested itself in the shape of an unfortunate earthquake which shook the foundations foo the world of Lala Kedarnath; and with one sweeping slash of Scythe reduced him to destitution. The great establishment that was Lala Kedarnath & Sons and the happy family that was Lala Kedarnath's both crumbled do dust. Eldest of the sons was picked up by an orphanage. The second was adopted by very rich parents. The youngest was left with his mother to suffer the buffets of life and the slings and arrows of fortune. The once happy Lala wandered about like a mad man on the verge of a collapse. But the Moving finger did not stop here. It went on with its ceaseless shaping of human lives and drawing a magic circle round these characters and many other who now peopled their lives, brought them together again-in a new pattern of life but before, Time brought home the profound message that in the affairs of humans it is Time that in the affairs of humans it is Time that is the ruling factor. Time-that is WAQT.