Yugpurush - DVD

Yugpurush -  DVD
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Yugpurush - DVD

Starring/Cast:Nana Patekar, Jackie Shroff, Manisha Koirala,

Director: Partho Ghosh, Subtitles : English

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Anirudh(Nana Patekar) walks out of a nightmare which has lasted more than 20 years. He decides to face the world which is like another planet for him,because he has not seen the world and its ways since he was seven. He meets a number of people during his walk through the world. He meets the glamourous

Sunita(Manisha Koirala), who lives in a dreamworld of her own.he meets Ranjhan(Jackie Shroff), a dashing, rash and reckless young man who loves sunita madly. He meets Dipti(Ashwini Bhave), who takes a liking for him and gradually falls in love with him. Anirudh finds himself attracted to Sunita and is caught in a storm of emotions. he becomes a toy in the hands of destiny. He is too simple, too straight, too sincere, the kind of man who is an alien to the wild world around him. He fights to break away all traps and barriers, in his own simple but powerful way. He becomes a man who walks this world just once a while, a true YUGPURUSH.