Yeh Gulistan Hamara - DVD (1960)

Yeh Gulistan Hamara - DVD (1960)
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Yeh Gulistan Hamara - DVD

Starring/Cast: Dev Anand, Sharmila Tagore, Pran, Sujit Kumar, Lalita Pawar, Asrani

Director Atma Ram

Subtitles : English

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Vijay a young special officer, is deputed to build a bridge across river Tushima in Dihing, a tribal belt in the East India. Dangor Nagami,the feudal ruler of Dihing, thwarts all attempts of the Union Governament to build the bridge,which links backward tribals with the Indian mainland. Along with the Capt.Barua of the security force, Vijay tries win over the feudal ruler, he plans develop social contacts with the people in the area&convince them that they would be benifited. Sekrni, a leader of the Dihing resistance movement, is arrested by Vijay one night, as she sabotage the construction work. Sekerni and her companions aretreated well. Vijay convinces her thatDihing would remain backward if it remains isolated from mainstrea of life in India, as Nagami wants. Sekrni and her companions, convinced about Vijay's intentions, go back with their people and report to Nagami that they have escaped from captivity. Vijay follows them to Dihing convinces Nagami that he is now a nagami's friend. Vijay and Sekreni, along with their associates show the people the properity that has come to nearby India & holds secret discussions with them in Dihing. Vijay also teaches Dihing children that they are Indians. When Vijay helps Nagami to get arms from a foreign power in order to gain his confidence, a misunderstanding ensues between Vijay and Capt.Barua with who is in touch transmitter. Vijay feels isolated, when Nagami discovers Vijay's missing and orders him to be put to deat