Vaada Raha - I Promise - DVD

Vaada Raha - I Promise - DVD
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Vaada Raha - I Promise -DVD

Starring/Cast:Bobby Deol, Kangana Ranaut, Dwij Yadav

Director_- Samir Karnik

Subtitles : English

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Duke Chawla is the ideal man. He has all that one could ever want, a successful medical career, a doting girlfriend and dreams that are coming true. Until one night changes it all. A fatal car crash leaves him neck down paralyzed and puts an end to his perfect life. He looses all that he had including his girlfriend, his house and his career. A man who was once an epitome of hope finds no reason to live. He sees death as a better option than to live like a vegetable. And then the sun rises once again. Roshan, a young boy enters his life. Known to all at the hospital, Roshan is a naughty and stubborn ten year old. Vaada Raha is the story of how this young boy lights the candle that disperses the darkness from Duke’s life.

When she set in the waters, She knew they’d be rough. When she reached the shore, It wasn’t the water to talk about, but hope that sailed her through…