Vaada - DVD(2005)

Vaada - DVD(2005)
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Vaada -DVD

Starring/Cast: Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel, Zayed Khan

Director: Vashu Bhagnani with Satish Kaushik

Subtitles : English

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Rahul and Puja are newly married and totally devoted to each other.

One day..they meet with a terrible accident and...Rahul loses his eight sight. On a business trip abroad Rahul meets a friend Karan. Impressed by his dynamism and business acumen, Rahul asks him to join his business. They return to India and Puja is stunned to see her husband with her friend Karan. Rahul's love for Puja is blind and unquestioning. Karan's love for Puja is obsessive and uncontrollable.

Puja is trapped between a blind husband and a sighted lover. Rahul can sense Karan's obsession. Karan can see Rahul's possessiveness. Now begins a deadly cat and mouse game between the two... Rahul can feel a web of deceit tightening around him. Karan can see a devious trap being laid for him. Will one of them succeed or will both fail?