Udaan - DVD(1996)

Udaan - DVD(1996)
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Udaan -DVD

Starring/Cast:Prem Chopra, Dilip Tahil, Danny Denzongpa, Syed Jaffery, Anu Kapoor, Mohan Joshi

Director Asrani

Subtitles : English

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Seth Ramakanth Sahay, the owner of Sahay Laboratories, which manufactures tonics for children, is an honest buisnessman. His three partners Rana, Sood and Sethi try to get Sahay to mix opium in the tonic so that children would get addicted to it. The trio kills Sahay when refuses to comply. When Sahay's daughter Versha takes charge of her father's buisness she learns Versha pulls up the three partners to behave or face jail sentences. At their wits end, the three partners conceive a master plan and with the connivance of mental hospital Docter Bhatia manages to prove that Versha is insane and she is locked up in an asylum. In the mental asylum Versha be friends five mad inmates and with their help manages to escape from mental asylum. How with the help of her friends she takes revenge on Rana, Sood and Sethi, forms the rest of the story !