Ustad 420 - DVD(1970)

Ustad 420  - DVD(1970)
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Ustad 420-DVD

Starring/Cast: Sheikh Mukhtar, Sudhir, Maruti, Kaudan, Meenaxi

Director Chand

Music N.Dutta

Subtitles : English

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Jagoo, Bansi and Ajit break out from jail only to see Ajit murdered by John. All Ajit manages to tell them before he dies is that Pinto is the one behind his murder. Bansi and Jagoo make their way to Bombay and meet Shankar, a driving instructor. Shankar, an honest man with a sick mother to look after, needs money for her treatment. Bansi and Jagoo help him to win a car race, with big prize money, but the very prize brought Shankar in touch with Pinto. Bansi and Jagoo watch helplessly as Shankar starts driving smuggled goods around. Dharamdas, the owner of the factory where Bansi and Jagoo have taken up jobs, is murdered and Shankar is the prime suspect. Why did Bansi and Jagoo break out from prison? Who is the shadowy Pinto? Did Shankar’s need for money drive him to murder?