Taaqatwar - DVD

Taaqatwar - DVD
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Taaqatwar - DVD

Starring/Cast:Sanjay Dutt, Neelam, Anita Raj, Anupam Kher,Govinda

Director - David Dhawan

Subtitles : English

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Peter D'Mello is arrested by the police for the brutal killing of the local municipal officer, Sharma. Peter is tried in court, and found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Peter leaves behind a young son, John, who is orphaned. Mrs. Sharma, who lives with her young son, finds out that Peter had not killed her husband, feels sorry for John and decides to adopt him. She also finds out that Munjal Khurana, a powerful and influential builder was the one behind her husband's death, but is afraid of reporting this to the police. Unable to bear the taunts from his schoolfriends about his dad, John runs away. Years later, Mrs. Sharma's son is a police inspector, while John is a career criminal. Fed-up of Inspector Sharma's interference, Munjal hires John to kill Sharma, for a hefty fee, to which John agrees to. When John goes to kill Sharma, he finds out that the Sharmas are the very family who had shown some affection and understanding for him...