Kaanchi(2014)- Indian/Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD

Kaanchi(2014)- Indian/Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD
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Kaanchi(2014)- Indian/Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD

Cast/Starring :Mishti, Kartik Tiwari, Mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Rishabh Sinha, Chandan Roy Sanyal

Director: Subhash Ghai

Producer: Subhash Ghai

Music Director - Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant,Ismail Darbar , Subhash Ghai

Subtitles - English

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Synopsis -

A fiery young girl from the hills takes up cudgels on behalf of her people and fights off the bad guys. This is the burden of Subhash Ghai’s new film, and he tells it in the same manner that made his films so watchable in the ’80s, and so outdated in 2014.

Kaanchi (Mishti) is headstrong, but also foul-mouthed. Which apparently endears her to her well-meaning, well-built beau (Tiwary), as well as spoilt, rich brat (Sinha). The latter belongs to a family headed up by a wily politician (Mithun), and a playboy businessman (Rishi). The battle lines are drawn between the good villagers and the evil sheharis, who are in the hills to grab land and increase their ill-gotten wealth.