Haani(2013)- Indian Punjabi Movie DVD

Haani(2013)- Indian Punjabi Movie DVD
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Haani(2013)- Indian Punjabi Movie DVD

Directed by Amitoj Maan

Produced by Babu Singh maan & Harbhajan Mann

Story by Amitoj Maan

Starring Harbhajan Mann,Sarbjit Cheema,Rupan Bal

Music by Jaidev Kumar

Subtitles - English

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Synopsis -

Haani is a 2013 Punjabi romantic drama film. Moving between 1964 & 2013, HAANI is the story of the Jatts who are defined by their simplicity, honesty, courage, good looks & above all – for honoring their commitments lifelong, be it for love, friendship or even enmity. Canadian born & bred Harman (Anuj Sachdeva) comes to Punjab with his best friend Tony (Rupan Bal) & to his shock realizes that he can see & talk to the spirit of his grandfather Ranjit (Harbhajan Mann) who has not been visible to anyone since his death 50 yrs ago. Ranjit’s spirit is still here in this world due to his promise to his lover, Sukhaan (Mehreen Kaleka), that they would leave this world together. As the story unravels, we see that in the year 1964 Ranjit is a farmer & his best friend is Jagir (Sarabjit Cheema). Ranjit is a widower with a 2 yr old son being taken care of by his maternal grandparents. Ranjit & Sukhaan meet & fall in love with each other. But those were conservative times & love marriages were taboo. A series of incidents later, Ranjit is killed & Sukhaan is forced to marry an army officer by her family & is widowed later. Destiny makes Harman fall in love with Preet (Sonia Mann) – Sukhaan’s granddaughter. They, too, face the same problems. But they have a happy ending helped by Ranjit’s spirit & Sukhaan. Haani narrates the story of Ranjit & Sukhaan whose love reaches beyond the boundaries of death & how their incomplete love story is concluded by their grandchildren - Harman & Preet