Jackpot - Indian / Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD

Jackpot - Indian / Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD
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Jackpot - Indian / Bollywood Hindi Movie DVD

Genre Comedy Thriller

Staring Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Leone, Sachiin Joshi

Director Kaizad Gustad

Producer Raina Sachiin Joshi

Music Director John Stewart

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Synopsis :

Francis (Sachiin J Joshi) packs in the muscle and has a can of beer always close at hand. He is also street-smart enough to impress Maya (Sunny Leone), the oomphy voice of reason in the movie. Boss Man (Naseeruddin Shah) is a veteran raver whose clothes are as colourful as his principles and punchlines. Slow in speech but quick to draw a six-shooter, he owns the Jackpot casino.

Boss, Francis and Maya hatch a plan to steal crores of cash. And while the deed itself is executed decently enough, the subsequent sub-plots and implications of intrigue amongst the schemers is laid on with the predictability and subtlety of a bull in a china shop.