Khap - DVD Movie

Khap  - DVD Movie
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Khap - DVD

Director : Ajai Sinha

Music : Annujj Kappoo

Starring : Alok Nath, Anooradha Patel, Govind Namdev, Manoj Pahwa, Mohnish Bahl, Om Puri, Sarrtaj, Shammi, Uvika Chaudhary

Sub Titles in: English

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The film's story is set in a Haryana village and revolves around the family of Omkar Chaudhary (Om Puri), an important Khap leader and the head of the village community that zealously follows and enforces the community tradition of not tolerating Inter-Gotr marriages and even resorting to the practice of killing their wayward progeny for the sake of community honour. His son Madhur (Mohnish Bahl) stays away from him in Delhi with his wife (Anooradha Patel) and daughter Ria (Yuvika Chaudhry) since he has serious differences with Omkar and his ways. He works for the National Human Rights Commission and is sent to investigate into the death of a young couple to his village. He gets killed in a case of mistaken identity.