Tere Ishq Nachaya (Punjabi Movie) - DVD

Tere Ishq Nachaya (Punjabi Movie) - DVD
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Tere Ishq Nachaya (Punjabi Movie) - DVD(2010)

Starring/Cast: Mannat Singh, Daksh Ajit Singh , Deep Dhillon

Director Ravinder Ravi

Brand/Distributor Eros

Genre Film, Drama

Subtitles : English

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Kamal is a young and bubbly girl. She is like a daughter to all three brothers. There is a contrast in her behaviour seeing her age and her habits. All day long she keeps playing, dancing, singing and enjoys all kind of fun with the children only. She is a natural dancer and when she performs in the marriage of her aunt’s daughter, Gurjot falls in love with her. But Kamal is enough innocent to understand the love of a young boy for a girl like her. Gurjot remains adamant to marry Kamal. Luck favours him and marriage of Kamal and Gurjot is settled. Just before marriage Kamal reaches Bangkok to meet her mother. Her mother is unable to come to India to attend Kamal’s marriage because of her illness. Here in Bangkok Kamal meets a young boy Karan, who is also a great dancer. Kamal sinks in love with Karan. Here she understands the real meaning of love and surrenders herself to him. Kamal forgets that she has to return India to marry Gurjot. Later Kamal finds herself trapped in love triangle. She has to be the bride but to whom? She loves Karan and Gurjot loves her.