Trikal - DVD

Trikal  - DVD
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Trikal (Past, Present, Future) (1985) -DVD

Starring/Cast:Naseeruddin Shah, Neena Gupta, Khulbhushan

Director Shayam Benegal

Subtitles : English

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The major part of Trikal is set in Portugese Goa just before its liberation by the Indian Army in 1961. The story begins in the present with Ruiz Pereira returning to Goa for his first visit in 24 years. Pereira decides to visit the Souza-Soares family, a prominent Brahmin Catholic family with whom he had spent some time in 1961. At the now deserted mansion Pereira''s mind goes back to the earliest visit. His reverie conjures up an image of Maria Souza-Soares family. What does he see in his mind''s eye?