Trishna - DVD

Trishna - DVD
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Trishna -DVD

Starring/Cast: Shashi Kapoor,Sanjeev Kumar,Rakhi

Director Anil Ganguly

Subtitles : English

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Sunil is a renowned doctor who is dedicated to his work whilst his wife, Arti, enjoys the luxuries of life. However, as Sunil spends more time at work, Arti is deprived of her husband¹s love and soon begins to feel lonely and neglected. Whilst at her sister’s house in Khandala, she meets Vinod, with whom she used to study. Vinod is a jovial person so Arti likes him immediately but he is in love with her and thinks he can win her over. This situation creates misunderstanding between Arti and Vinod that is heightened when Sunil comes to stay!