Saagar - DVD

Saagar - DVD
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Saagar - DVD

Starring/Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Kamal Hassan

Director Ramesh Sippy

Brand/Distributor EROS

Genre Film, Romantic, Drama, Award Winner

Subtitles : English

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SAGAR(Sea) is the story of a peaceful little village by the sea where a tavern owner's daughter Mona(DIMPLE KAPADIA) stirs up a fierce storm of passion, romance and turbulence and engulfs the entire village.

Mona, grows up in the companionship of Raja(KAMAL HASAN)- joyous Raja, a picture of fun & friendship, her childhood friend. Raja has always loved Mona, but never lets her know how fiercely he loves her and dreams of a future with her.

Not far from the village lives the haughty millionairess Kamladevi whose sole heir, her grandson Ravi(RISHI KAPOOR) comes to live with her. On a memorable dawn, Ravi stumbles upon a venus-like beauty arising from the sea, and time stands still. Ravi mingles with the fishermen and becomes a good friend of Raja, and a well wisher of the village, much to kamladevi's unliking.

Ravi & Mona attain new heights of romance & ecstacy. Little does raja know that Ravi, his friend, is also dreaming of the same Mona-his Mona, his only reason for living. Then fate takes a cruel turn. The villagers rebel against Ravi. Why?