Sawaan….The Love Season (2006) Hindi movie - DVD

Sawaan….The Love Season (2006) Hindi movie - DVD
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Saawan - The Love Season -DVD

Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani, Prem Chopra, Johny Lever, Ranjeet, Bobby Darling, Kiran Rathod

Director - Sawan Kumar Tak

Music - Adesh Shrivastav

Subtitles : English

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Born in Patiala, widower Fakirchand Kapoor [Prem Chopra] lives a poor lifestyle with two daughters, the younger of which is Kajal [Saloni Aswani], and collects recyclables and antiques [Bhangar] for a living. He re-locates to the United States, makes a lot of money, changes his name to Fakki Cappar, and returns to live in Bandra, Mumbai, gets his elder daughter married, and soon becomes the grandfather of Gudiya. Then one day he gets a visit from his childhood friend, who used to be a vegetable vendor, but is now a wealthy businessman and they rekindle their friendship. His friend tells him that the purpose of this visit is to solemnize the marriage of his son, Raj [Kapil Jhaveri], and Kajal, who met in Cape Town and have fallen in love with each other. Both arrange for a formal engagement on Kajals birthday. On her way shopping for the engagement, she is almost ran over by a car, until she meets a Gods messenger, Sam [played by Salman Khan] who then saves her. He predicts that her Father will die on the very day of the engagement, but Kajal doesnt bother listening to him. Kajal is surprised when her father actually dies at the day of the engagement. She goes back to Sam the Messenger and asks about her own future, he awnsers that he cant tell her, but what he can tell her is that tomorrow at a Express Station, there will be a car accident, 6 adults will die but a eight-month old baby will survive, once again, his prediction comes true, and once again Kajal persuades him to ask god about her own future, his answer is that she will die on the nearest Friday. When Kajal tells Raj about this, Raj promises that if something happens to her, he would kill the Messenger. Then Raj takes her out for some shopping on a Friday, as Kajal accidentally gets shot right above the Heart by a criminal who gets arrested at the end. While Raj takes her to the hospital, he remembers his promise, and goes to find the Messenger. When he does, he gets into a fight with him as Sam takes Raj down and Raj fainths. While Raj is on the ground, God tells Sam, that if he wants to save Kajal, Sam would have to die, and Sam accepts his choice, picks Raj up, hands him a big wooden stick, as Raj hits him on his skull with it and the Messenger brutally and tragicly dies and Kajal then survives.