Baton Baton Mein (By Eros) - DVD

Baton Baton Mein (By Eros) - DVD
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Baton Baton Mein - DVD

Director: Basu Chatterjee

Actor/Actress: Amol Palekar, Tina Munim, Leela Mishra, Tun Tun

Sub Titles in: English

Features: 2 DVD Set

Sub Titles in: English

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In Bombay the local trains carry millions to work and back home daily. Tony, a young commercial artist, travels by the local train daily from Bandra to Churchgate. Similarly Nancy Pereira a young office goer, and her maternal grand father also travel daily from Bandra to Marine Lines by 9.10 a.m. local train. Tony gets late one day and travels by 9.10 a.m. train and meets Nancy. Nancy had a sad past. She was in love with one of her office colleagues who jilted her. Nancy decides to do away with any boy in her life in future. Her mother and grand father are, naturally worried about her. Mother is very keen to see her daughter married, she asks all and sundry to look for a match for Nancy. Grand father finds Tony an ideal boy for Nancy, Tony is invited to Nancy's home, Tony falls in love with Nancy, Nancy's mother feels relieved. Tony has a dominating mother who had her own ideas about Tony. Once Tony goes to a cinema with her mother, by chance Nancy and her mother are also there Tony's mother confronts Nancy's mother and starts hating her immediately. She scolds her son for such a poor selection. The affair of Tony and Nancy gets prolonged. Three months have passed and none has proposed for the marriage. Nancy's mother feels worried again. Nancy's mother has an old relative, about seventy, who visits them off and on. The old relative disapprove of Tony's continued visit. She demands that the matter be sorted out immediately as she fears Nancy is in for another jolt, the family panicks. The old relative offers to get a boy for Nancy soon.