Sangharsh - DVD(Dilip Kumar)

Sangharsh - DVD(Dilip Kumar)
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Sunghursh (1968 film) - DVD

Starring/Cast:Vaijayanti Mala, Balraj Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar, Jayant, Durga Khote, Sulochana, Padma,

Director : H.S. Rawail

Subtitles : English

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Bhavani Prasad (Jayant) is one such powerful thug, who masquerades as a priest. His son Shankar refused to follow his path so he wants his grandson Kundan to carry on the legacy. When his son protests, in a fit of rage, Bhavani gets Shankar killed and passes the buck to his bete noir and cousin Naubat Lal. When Naubat Lal spills the beans he gets him killed as well, which deepens the family feud.

Kundan (Dilip Kumar) grows up into a sensitive young man who doesnít want to practise his grand fatherís policy of hate. It is quite unlike, Naubatís sons Ganeshi and Dwarka (Balraj Sahni and Sanjeev Kumar), whose only aim is to finish Bhavaniís clan. Amidst all these tense moments, we have Munni the childhood love of Kundan who fortuitously lands in the family of a courtesan and becomes Laila-e-Aasman (Vyjayanthimala), a title she got from none other than Wajid Ali Shah. Ganeshi has a soft corner for her but still uses her to reach Kundan not realising the two share a childhood bond.