Sanjay - DVD

Sanjay - DVD
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Sanjay - DVD

Starring/Cast:Ayub Khan, Saaxshi Shivanand, Paresh Rawal, Shadashiv Amrapurkar, Goga Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor

Director Shahrukh Sultan

Subtitles : English

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The family also consists of Raju, Pratap's son, his wife and Raghuveer Singh wife and their unpaid muslim servant Ramzan. Their's is a united family. Sanjay has all the weakness of a common Indian youth but he is also the personification of the strength tht lies dormant inside every young Indian. In this case it is the threat to the unity of India. Sanjy is offered millions to keep his mouth shut but refuses to compromise, he refuses all materialistic gains and chooses the welfare of his country instead. For this he and his entire family have to walk through fire, but they all emerge victirious and united.