Ajj De Ranjhe- Indian Punjabi Movie DVD

Ajj De Ranjhe- Indian Punjabi Movie DVD
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Ajj De Ranjhe (2012) - Punjabi Movie DVD

Director: Manmohan Singh

Writer: Manmohan Singh

Stars: Aman Dhaliwal, Gurline Chopra, Gurpreet Guggi

with English Subtitles.

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Synopsis :

The film follows the journey of an unemployed youngster Ambar and a rookie cop Manjeet. While Ambar hopes to make it as a TV journalist like his idol & romantic interest Kranti, Ghuggi is a dedicated cop, committed to clean up the messy state of affairs of his police station and bring a known local criminal Soocha Singh and his son to justice. On their quest both Manjeet & Ambar encounter hilarious situations involving their romantic interests, family members, the people of the village & even gangsters. They both keep crossing paths at various junctures as the story progresses and eventually become a formidable team ready to take on the system.